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        電機 農機 水泵 其他
          Leshan SanYuan Electrical Machinery factory ste up in 1986 ,its specialized manufactures and exports “PANDA”brand and “SAN YUAN” brand Agricultural processing machine、Fast Food processing machine、AC generator and electric motor 、Water pump etc in China. Main products: Big Rice mill &powder crushing machine、Big powder crushing machine 、Potato and sweet potato cutting and crushing machine 、Juice and powder grinding machine、Corn threshing machine、Plant feed cutting machine、Coco and coffee powder crush machine、AC generator and electromotor、Water pump. Its all can use in every family , countryside and farm .
          The company got the ISO 9000-2001 certificate in1990,it occupies more than 23800 quare meters,be of more than 300 employees,including 80 senior technicians.The company has one completed technical and quality management system.In March.2002,it gained the title of "customer-satisfying Company"by the Leshan Customer"s-Right & Interests-Protection Committee.In 2002,It passed the attestation of ISO9001:2000 International Quality System,In 2003 and 2004,it gained the title of "strictly abide-contracts and punctuality enterprise".And the trademark of " SAN YUAN” has been elevated the famous trademark of CHINA.The " SAN YUAN” series motors has gained the CCC attestation.The company has strong production ability,technical force and various mechanical machining equipment.

           As the high reliable quality and good sales service,the products has optimistic foreground.In order to meet the higher requirements of customers and strengthen the market competition,the staff shall develop the spirit of "deploitation,deal whith concrete matters relating to work and innovation.